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Celebrating the Sacrifice

“I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.”
–1 Corinthians 1:4

Over the past year, our church staff have had the joy of seeing God’s continued work in Letukunyi.  Following the initial baptism of 3 men at the end of 2012, the church in Letukunyi has continued to grow in strength and number, as they continue to share the gospel with their neighbors, model increasingly Christ-like lives, and mature in their faith. Committee

Several weeks ago, our staff had the joy of attending the baptism of 8 new believers into Christ and celebrating the Lord’s Table with the young church for the first time.  Although the Lord’s Table has been celebrated by Christians for centuries, for the young church in Letukunyi, it was their first time to join with believers all over the world in this way.  As we gathered under the trees, the local pastor shared about the practice with the new believers.

“This is Jesus’ body, which was crucified for us, and this is His blood, which was spilled to save us.  We take this to remember Jesus and His sacrifice, along with Christians in many other places.”

With many other words, our staff encouraged the believers to stand firm in their faith, to never forget the sacrifice of Christ that saves, and to remember they are standing in their faith with a much larger family of believers in the world.

Please continue to pray with us and praise God for what He is doing in the community of Letukunyi.