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Drought Blessings

The last couple of months have been very difficult for the Maasai.  It is November and the rains we all desperately needed at the beginning of October have still not come.  A few weeks ago the men packed up to take the livestock far away to graze in the hills where there is still grass.  They will stay there until they receive word that enough rain has come at home for them to return. Until that time, the women and children carry the workload without cows, sheep, or goats to provide milk and food.  To make matters worse, during this time of drought, dust storms continually pass through these communities bringing upper respiratory infections.

Isinon, the community in which AfricaHope has a CHE (Community Health Evangelism) Program, has not been spared from the drought.  Lately, we have been lucky if 6-8 people show up to our Thursday meetings out of the 24 committee members and CHEs (Community Health Educators) we are teaching.  This has been frustrating, but we have also seen blessings come out of CHE during this time.
Each Thursday morning the mamas of the boma (a circle of family homes) get together and decide which mama will go to learn the Bible story or health lesson, and which ones will do the necessary chores for survival.  The one who attends then teaches the others that evening what she learned.  This is a goal of CHE that the women of Isinon have implemented automatically out of a desire for knowledge and daily necessity for teamwork.

During this time, Eunice, AfricaHope’s national Health staff, has begun praying with those in attendance every week.  Each person shares how they saw God answer their prayers last week and their prayer requests for this week.  At the end of each person’s turn, the others clap and say “amen.”  Then, the group takes turns praying for each other out loud.  This small group of CHEs has become a powerful testimony as they weekly praise God and remember how He is providing even in the time of drought!

UPDATE:  The rains came to Maasai-land mid-December.  The men have returned home, and the grass and kitchen gardens are growing.  Praise God for His provision!