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The “goodbye” can tell a lot about a relationship.  The goodbyes we witnessed this summer proved that just a brief time together can have an enormous impact.  Every short-term season, we have a number of people join us in Kenya to work with AfricaHope.  Summer 2014 was no exception. We were blessed to host 7 interns for 8 weeks and over 40 short-term participants for 1 to 2 weeks.

The interns worked alongside the missionaries as they continued to serve our Maasai communities.  Each intern prepared a Bible story to share and worked in multiple capacities during their time with us.  Some assisted with a pastors’ conference, while others developed health lessons that they taught during Community Health Evangelism in the rural areas.  Several participants were asked to share about themselves to 200 students.  Bible studies with small groups led by our interns were another important part of the summer’s activities.  They all shared of themselves and were able to see Christ working in their own lives, and in the lives of the Maasai. Committee

The short-term participants worked on a specific project during their time at AfricaHope.  From helping cultivate crops on the AfricaHope farm to sharing the Gospel using The JESUS Film, each person was able to use his or her gifts and talents to display God’s abundant love.  Every group that came had a slightly different focus, but they all wanted to contribute in a way that mattered and was helpful in bringing the Gospel to the Massai people.  Each participant had the chance to interact with the local communities in which they were working and left with at least a small change in perspective.  A change, we pray, they will take home and use in their own communities and churches to continue the work of God’s kingdom.  Committee

For all of the interns and short-term participants, the time quickly came when they had to say goodbye.  Some said goodbye to specific people, others to a village, school, or Bible study group.  This summer we witnessed some painfully sweet goodbyes, and it was evident that a valuable connection had been made and now must change.

For the missionaries at AfricaHope, we say “thank you” and “goodbye” to each of the participants we were blessed to host this summer.