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Hope in Enoombitiyo

Mr. Kitet Kesier and his wife have three school-aged children and one younger child. He, along with his community of Enoombitiyo, felt sad, weak, and worried about their families and their ability to be sustained by their small water source, over 20 kilometers away. Mr. Kitet can never remember when there was a time of reliable water supply in their community. His family has skipped meals due to a lack of water for cooking and have often been separated during the year as some move with the animals, searching for water, and others stay with the young children. Committee

AfricaHope began meeting with this community to encourage and share the love and hope of Christ with them. Through a grant from International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES), AfricaHope was able to construct a water pan for the Enoombitiyo community. Hope of sufficient water began when the bulldozer arrived to begin excavating the water pan; the people of Enoombitiyo had smiles on their faces. After its completion, the rains fell, filling the water pan. A few weeks later, water from an underground source continued refilling the pan. The water pan now provides reliable water for 2000 people, 3000 sheep and goats, and 2000 cattle. As a result, the community has seen a reduction in waterborne diseases and has a closer, safer water source for the women to travel to. Committee

“During these hurting times in my life and my community,” Mr. Kitet said, “with AfricaHope coming to encourage us in their visits, we see God meeting our felt needs regardless of their magnitude. AfricaHope appeared to be like God’s agents sent at the right time to confirm His provision and love for us.”

Not only is the water pan being filled, the community of Enoombitiyo is being filled with the hope of Christ.