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It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

Each year, AfricaHope welcomes 35 pastors from 12 denominations for a 4-day seminar to encourage, promote unity, and provide practical ministry tools for rural Maasai pastors. The seminar includes multiple workshops, teaching a variety of topics ranging from Discipleship to Baptism to a study on Galatians 3.  Something new this year was a Q&A time allowing the 35 pastors to ask questions of selected veteran church leaders and pastors from the surrounding area. Most of the questions that were asked revolved around the topic of baptism. Committee

After lunch, as we were walking to the next workshop session when Tim, a missionary serving with AfricaHope called everyone to the river. There was an elder who, after attending the workshop “Baptism in the Bible” and the Q&A time discussing much about baptism, decided that he needed to be baptized. He had approached Tim and said, “I’ve been a church leader for years, I’ve heard what’s been said today, and I’ve decided, I want to get baptized today!” Upon hearing the biblical truths of baptism, he decided that he should be baptized immediately!  Committee

We traveled down a path to find a place in the river where he could be baptized. We walked through wooded paths and even had to get over a part of the path that collapsed. The pastors gathered at the river and this man was baptized. It was a fantastic experience. Everyone was cheering, singing, and having a great time because this Maasai elder received new life in Christ.