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Kelai and Kajisa: Two Brothers

Kelai and Kajisa are brothers attending two different secondary schools (high schools) in AfricaHope’s ministry area.  Born in the small village of Oloolera, the boys grew up in their family home herding cattle and helping around the house.  Unexpectedly, the boys’ father died at a young age, leaving their mother behind to care for the boys and their five siblings.  A few years later, the boys’ mother also passed away.  Orphaned by the passing of their parents, the boys struggled in poverty and had little hope for a future in school.

KajisaThrough God’s provision, AfricaHope was able to cover the cost of the boys elementary education beginning in 2005.  The boys both desired to finish school and one day have the ability to provide for their families.

In 2007, AfricaHope came alongside Kelai and Kajisa by committing to pay 100% of their school fees through high school.  Kelai is now 16 years old and his brother Kajisa is 18 years old, and they both are continuing in their schooling.  The boys’ life has not been easy, and although they struggle in their studies at school, Kelai has reached his junior year and Kajisa is now a senior.  Their teachers believe there is much hope for improvement.  People in the community also say the boys are men who love God and care about their neighbors..Committee

AfricaHope continues to care for the boys through regular meetings of encouragement and discipleship.  We also continue working with the teachers for ways to help the boys succeed in their education.

Please join in prayer with us for Kelai and Kajisa.  Pray that they would know God’s love for them through AfricaHope’s partnership.  Pray also for the many other students in our program who are partnered with AfricaHope.