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Kokel - A Life Transformed

In 2005, Jackson Temut, one of AfricaHope’s Kenyan team members traveled to a town called Naroosura to assess challenges specific to orphans in the rural areas of Narok, Kenya. This remote town of 500-1000 people functioned as the center of AfricaHope’s ministry area, which is primarily made up of small villages. Unlike many other communities, Naroosura had a small clinic, a church, and a high school.

While visiting a small village just outside of Naroosura, Jackson began talking with a young mother. She shared with him that her husband had passed away at an early age meaning that was she ostracized from the family, fully cut off from their resources.  In order to provide for her 3 children she got up at 2am every morning to fetch water for her small tomato and maize garden, but the income from her sales was not enough to provide for her family.

KokelWhile telling her story, she introduced Jackson to her oldest daughter, Kokel, who was a good student but was extremely shy, and faced frequent bullying being an orphan. Kokel’s mother shared that because she was unable to continue paying for her daughter’s education, Kokel would soon have to drop-out of school and enter into an early marriage just to survive.

In 2007 the AfricaHope team came alongside this young mother to help her provide for Kokel’s future through education as well as counseling and discipleship. Less than two years later, at one of our Discipleship Camps, Kokel gave her life to Christ, praising God for His grace.  Presently, Kokel is joyful, confident, and excited to start High School before the end of February! Looking to the future, she even told us she wants to become a teacher and return to her community to teach and minister to girls who experience life as she did. Kokel

Through discipleship and unwavering support of education Kokel’s life has been transformed and she hopes to one day comfort other as Christ comforted her!