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Lemashon’s Success

Scoring Higher into High School

Lemashon Koikai sat at his school desk in rural Maasai-land, nervously awaiting his test.  Along with thousands of Standard 8 students all across Kenya this last November, Lemashon was preparing to take his cumulative exam that would rank him nationally among other students and be used to determine his options for continuing on to Secondary School.  The results of this test would also reflect on the quality of his school, and his community. Kajisa

As Lemashon waited for his test, he reflected on the events in his life that had led up to this point.  He remembered his father who had passed away earlier in his life.  He remembered his mother sacrificing to keep him in school.  He remembered AfricaHope intervening in his life and sponsoring him before starting grade 4, when he thought he would surely have to quit school.  He remembered the teachers who had spent countless hours teaching him late into the evening.  Finally, he remembered his community, who had placed so much hope on him and other students to be the future leaders of their village.

As the test was handed to him, Lemashon quickly and intentionally completed the exam section by section throughout the day.  Following the test, Lemashon went home to help his family and await the announcement of the test results.

NalaromiIn early January, Lemashon listened eagerly as the scores were announced.  Finally, he heard his name and his score, a 372!  Lemashon rejoiced with his family.  This mark would bring pride to his family and school, and secure him a place at a good secondary school.  Lemashon was thankful, knowing that he was one step closer to completing the education that could change the lives of his family and his village. 

Since that day, Lemashon has been accepted into secondary school, and is currently in his first year at a National school called Kisii High School. Although the classes are challenging, Lemashon continues to work hard as he looks ahead to university.