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Mama Paul

Mama Paul is a member of our Community Health Evangelism group.  She is a very humble lady and very active in the group. One day she invited us for tea in her home and we happily joined her.Committee

As we were drinking our tea, she shared with us how the sukuma wiki (collard greens) project was helping her family.  A few months before, AfricaHope’s Health team had been encouraging mama Paul and the group of CHE women to plant home gardens to provide a more nutritious diet and additional income to support their families.  To the Maasai, who are traditionally herders, farming vegetables is a new concept.  As part of the program, mama Paul was offered seeds to begin her garden at half the market price.Committee 

As mama Paul sat together with our staff, she counted the ways the program had blessed her family.  She said that when she sells her kale, she is able to give to the church. She is also able to buy books and soap for her children. Mama Paul said it has been a big blessing for her to have the kale and she promised to continue working hard for her family!