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Our Farm

We’ve been busy!  This month we would like to update you on a special project.  Last year, AfricaHope was blessed with the opportunity to purchase 48-acres of undeveloped land in our ministry area.  The area became available as a result of the on-going land subdivision in Maasai-land, which will dramatically alter the traditionally nomadic Maasai way of life.Committee

Our dream for this farm is two-fold.  Our first goal is to generate income that will fund our ministries through profitable farming practices.  Additionally, we seek to showcase alternative agricultural practices to pastoralism, serving as a visible educational resource and example of sustainable farming to the surrounding Maasai community, as they transition from pastoralism to smaller-scale farming.

Since the initial purchase last year, we’ve moved quickly to realize our dream for this farm.  After initially clearing the “scrub brush” to allow for grass to grow in its place, we completed the fencing of the entire 48-acres with solar-powered electrified fencing last month.  By the end of March, we were able to plant the entire farm with beans in anticipation of the Spring rains.Committee

Our next step is to plant mango and avocado trees around the perimeter of the farm, to reduce soil erosion as well as provide future income from the sale of these fruits to the local market.  Please praise God with us for the blessing he has given us, and pray for us as we seek to use it for His glory!

Contributions from Tim & Lorna Mantai