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Overcoming the Circumstances

“I just want to thank God who gave me a second chance through AfricaHope.”

The path to education is often a difficult one for students in Maasai-land, and Naitiku, a student from AfricaHope’s OVC program, is no exception.

Naitiku was one of the first girls from her community to graduate from 8th grade and receive a certificate in Primary Education.  Although her final test scores were good, she had no hope of attending High School because of the school fees.  During this time, AfricaHope was able to intervene in Naitiku’s life by supplementing her Secondary School (High School) fees through our OVC scholarship program.  Over the next few months, AfricaHope began to build an encouraging relationship with Naitiku, and dream with her about her future. Committee

A short time later, Naitiku became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Struggling with feelings of disappointment and guilt, Naitiku worried that this would mean the end of her schooling and that AfricaHope would no longer support her.  However, AfricaHope continued to visit Naitiku and encouraged her to continue in her schooling.

After taking a year off to care for her baby girl, Naitiku enrolled in a nearby secondary school called Enkare Nairowua.  At the end of her first term she was ranked number one in her class.  In her second and third year, she continued to rank above average in her class.  Naitiku is now in her final year of Secondary School, and will test for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.Committee

Naitiku came from a low place and has had a number of struggles, but now she is being seen as a guiding voice in her community.  She often shares with younger girls about her struggles and mistakes, encouraging them to avoid taking the same path she has traveled, and how they too can succeed in their education.

If you would like to bring hope to boys and girls like Naitiku please consider giving to the Scholarship program of Africahope.  For $50 per month, we can send a secondary student to school, provide encouragement visits and supplies.