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Philip Succeeds

Philip Parantai had no hope of continuing his education when his father passed away right after he entered class 4 of his primary education.  His mother was already very old and was now the sole breadwinner for the household.  Many times Philip missed school because they were out of detergent and he had no clean clothes to wear.  Dropping out of school seemed like the only option.Committee

His future changed when a team from AfricaHope visited Philip’s community to collect data and assessments for their Orphans and Vulnerable Children program.  Following the assessments, Philip was overjoyed to learn he had been selected for a scholarship through AfricaHope to continue his education. 

After Philip completed his primary education and passed the Certificate of Primary Education exam, he joined a Provisional Secondary School.  Once he earned his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, he was admitted to Kamwenje Teacher’s College, where he trained to become a teacher.  Two years later, Philip graduated from college, having earned his P1 teaching certificate and is currently teaching at Elang’ata Enterit Primary School, one of AfricaHope’s education program partners.Committee

Philip is grateful for the opportunity he was given through the scholarship he received from AfricaHope.  He continues to show his gratitude to God by sharing the gospel with others, working hard, and maintaining a high standard for both himself and his students.

“Education is power and because I am one civilized Maasai in this community of Elang’ata Enterit, I will sell this idea to many through my P1teaching career,” promises Parantai.