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Ripple Effect

The Impact of a Changed Life

“Ask me what I’ve learned from the Bible.”  Tuala said, ready to share with our staff.  After surrendering his life to Christ a few months ago, Tuala was eager to discuss and apply the word of God during our regular visit to his home for disicipleship and encouragement.  Following his decision, Tuala had received an audio bible from AfricaHope to begin growing in his new life as a Christian. Committee

During the visit, Tuala recited the story of Zaccheus from Luke 19, and summarized what he had learned by saying “The Pharisees and teachers of the law were angry with Jesus for spending time with sinners, but Jesus told them ‘The reason I came was to save sinners who are lost’…  sinners like me.  Jesus came for me!”

As our staff continued talking, Tuala’s brother, Solomon, who had been quietly listening to the conversation spoke up and said “I’m glad you’ve come today, because I also want to give my life to Jesus.”  When our staff asked Solomon why he wanted to be saved he replied “In the evenings, and when we go herding, I’ve been listening to the Bible with my brother.  Since my brother got saved, I’ve been watching him.  I’ve seen him stop drinking alcohol, stop mistreating his wife, loving his kids, and become very joyful.  All of this has happened since he gave his life to Jesus, and I want to be like him.  I want what my brother has!”Committee

Our staff rejoiced with Tuala and his brother that day, and praised God for the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of Tuala.  Please pray for Tuala as he continues to serve as a model and example of a Christian in his community!