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SPECIAL UPDATE on the farm!

This month we decided to take a break from our usual ministry stories, and give you an update on all that God has done in our endeavour to become financially sustainable as an organization. 

Among other projects, we have continued to invest in the 48-acre farm we purchased in the heart of Maasai-land.  At the beginning of this year, we were able to fence the entire perimeter of the property with solar-powered electrified fencing and construct a guard house for the property.

In May, we were blessed by a partnership with a church in Illinois and IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) to provide a borehole to the property.  A borehole is a drilled well tapping into the underground water table, providing a sustainable water source to our property.  This summer, we drilled and hit water at 60 meters!Committee

With a borehole, we are able to provide clean drinking water to the local population in times of need, and have a water source on-site for agricultural use.  Through the partnership with IDES and the church, we have been able to drill the borehole, construct a pumphouse (secure location for the generator and pump that pulls the water to the surface) and purchase and install the generator.

Currently, we are preparing to plant 10 acres of onions on the farm.  We pray for a good harvest, that can then be used to further bless our ministry. Committee

Our next goal in the development of the farm is the construction of a water tank tower that can be filled from the borehole, and the purchase and installation of drip kits to improve the quality of future crops and minimize water usage.

Contributions from Tim & Lorna Mantai