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Taking Root

The Gospel Takes Root

“We know things are changing in our community, with this man becoming a Christian.  It’s like one of our cows has become pregnant with a different breed, and it will multiply as it grows and gives birth to others.”  These were the words of one man in Letukunyi at a recent gathering of elders in the community.  He was describing Mein, a fellow elder in the community who had given his life to Christ the previous Fall.Committee

Since his baptism, AfricaHope was able to provide Mein with an audio bible in his own language, and has continued to meet with him for regular times of encouragement, prayer, and discipleship. At a recent meeting with the believers in Letukunyi, our staff asked him what he had been learning from the Bible.  Main responded by saying “Before I was a Christian, my goal was to gain more wealth to gain honor and status in the community, and I didn’t spend time with people who were poor, but rather with others who were wealthy.  Now, I’m learning that Jesus loved the poor, and in my heart, I’m starting to feel compassion for them.”

A few months later, at a regular visit to his home, Mein’s wives and one of his grown sons, told our staff they too were ready to give their lives to Christ and be baptized.  As our staff talked with them about their reasons for wanting to give their lives to Christ, Meins’ wives responded by saying “Our husband is a totally different man, we want what he has.”Committee

We praise God for the work of the Spirit that we see in Mein’s life, and the growth of the church in his community.  Please pray for Mein as he continues to be a model of Christ in his community.