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The Harvest is Plentiful

Nkimpa HarvestWhen our team first began working with the community of Nkimpa in 2009, the remote community of 800 did not have a church or even a school. The community had never had a farm or a small garden, and livestock was the key to their survival. Goats and cows were the only source of income and were sold only to provide food in times of need. This made access to education, medicine, nutrition and other resources unavailable to the community.

As we helped plant the first church in Nkimpa, we also joined with local leaders to help them grow their own food. Most people were skeptical, but a few key individuals dove into the project. The project nearly failed completely due to the first year’s harvest being destroyed by elephants and the second year’s crops failed due to drought!

Nkimpa SaviorOur team with AfricaHope continued to encourage the community leaders, however, and they decided to invest in farming one more time. The community’s hopes grew as the maize grew taller and taller, and in September the community rejoiced over their first harvest ever!

The joy of the harvest is even greater as Ole Rinka, a community leader and farmer, recently accepted Christ as his Savior! His joy and transformation was evidenced when he and five other community leaders gave the first fruits of their harvest to AfricaHope to support our ministry to the hungry.

By simply developing farming in the community of Nkimpa, not only are the hungry being fed but also people are coming to know the saving power of our Lord Jesus!