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The Power of Saving

In a country where bank loans come with 15-20% interest, getting past just living day-to-day on what you have and planning for the future can be difficult.  Merry-go-lending has become a common way for Kenyan families to get ahead by working together.  In a merry-go-round savings group, each member contributes a small amount of money each week, and one member each week gets to take the money given by the entire group to be used for a small business or personal need.  Inspired by her own use of neighborhood merry-go-rounds, Eunice decided to give the Community Health Educators in Isinon this chance to better their financial situation. Committee

Eight women joined the Isinon CHE merry-go-round, each agreeing to bring 20 Kenyan shillings (about 25 cents) to our meetings for 8 weeks.  They then drew numbers to determine who would get the cumulative 160 shillings the first week, second, third, and so on.  This equivalent of $2 is enough to make a larger purchase that can meet a personal need or start a small home business.

Over the last few weeks, it has been a blessing to hear the women proudly reporting their endeavors and praying for each other.  One mama used the money to buy a wash basin to improve the cleanliness in her household, another used it for school notebooks and pens for her child, and still another bought seeds and planted a garden to provide fresh greens at home and sell the excess at the weekly market.Committee  The group has been very encouraged by the results, and is now beginning a second merry-go-round at 50 shillings (about 60 cents) per week.  Please pray for God’s blessing on this group!