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“I learned so much of the history of the Bible that I had never read before.  It was amazing!”- Simon Nanteya, reader from the audio Old Testament project

The Word of God is the most powerful book in history, altering the lives of billions of people through its divine revelation.  In AfricaHope’s church ministry, we’ve seen the impact that access to the word of God can have in the life of an entire community.  However, access to the word of God remains a challenge for many in Maasai-land.  Although the entire Bible has been translated into Maasai, the estimated 80% of Maasai who are illiterate still depend on pastors to share the word of God with them each week at church. Committee

AfricaHope has responded to this challenge by providing solar-powered audio New Testaments to new believers and church leaders.  Seeing the powerful effect the audio Bibles had in the discipleship of new believers, our staff dreamed of one day recording the Maasai audio Old Testament for the first time.  As one of our partners observed, “With just the New Testament, they know where the story ends; they don’t know how it started.”

This fall, in partnership with Crossroads Christian Church and TheoVision International, AfricaHope was able to see this dream become a reality.  In September, following open auditions for readers in Maasai-land, 8 readers and 2 proof-listeners traveled to Nairobi to stay for 3 months to record the Old Testament in the tribal language, Maa, for the first time!

When our staff got the opportunity to visit the readers and ask about the project, one of the readers responded, “This is something that will continue for generations, and I’m glad that my voice will be part of it.  My children and grandchildren will hear the word of God through my voice, even after I’ve died!” Committee

The audio Old Testament is currently available for use on audio devices and will be available online in the near future!  Click here to subsidize the cost of an audio player for a rural believer.

Special thanks to Crossroads Christian Church and TheoVision International for providing the funds and the recording studio to provide access to the Old Testament for the Maasai people!